Recovery Enhancement Program

East Coast Recovery Services’ Recovery Enhancement Program helps clients identify and achieve goals while they develop a lifestyle free from mood-altering behaviors.

East Coast Recovery Services

ECRS offers a comprehensive recovery enhancement program which includes all facets of recovery coaching, peer groups, drug and alcohol testing, and individual and group counseling.

Recovery Plans include goals and purposeful plans of action designed to achieve them. Our Recovery Care Specialists work closely with clients to develop their plans. This helps ensure that pursuits are fueled by healthy motivation and built upon firm, well-thought-out foundations. Specialists hold clients accountable for following through with their plans by following up with them individually and in facilitated peer support groups.

Recovery Plans focus on the following issues:

  • Recovery from Substance Use Disorder
  • Recovery from Mood-Altering Behaviors
  • Personal Goals in Recovery
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Recovery from Co-Occurring Issues
  • Living Arrangements
  • Financial
  • Leisure and Recreation
  • Employment
  • Relationships
  • Legal Issues
  • Social Supports
  • Education
  • Medical and Health


Confidentiality is paramount at East Coast Recovery Services. When meeting with any of our staff, you are assured the utmost privacy in discussing personal issues. We have created a safe place where you can be comfortable sharing the truths that need to be told along the road of recovery.


Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling takes place in a one-on-one setting between a professional counselor and a person seeking help with their addiction or the addiction of a loved one. Issues typically addressed in counseling are:

  • Experiencing Recovery
  • Co-Dependency
  • Feelings/Emotions Management
  • Abuse (Physical, sexual, verbal, mental, emotional)
  • Anger Management
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Recovery from Relapse
  • Gender-Specific Issues
  • Aftercare
  • Nicotine Addiction

Counseling Groups

Counseling Groups at East Coast Recovery Services provide a process in which small numbers of people meet together with a professional counselor (facilitator) to discuss specific issues. A great benefit to Group Counseling participants is that they are can relate to others who have shared similar feelings, behaviors and situations. Groups provide validation and support for participants who otherwise might feel alone with their addiction struggles. As the group progresses, familiarity develops into friendships that often prove to be lifesavers, particularly if the compulsion to drink or use drugs arises again in a sufferer’s life.

Recovery Coaching

What Is Coaching?

A profession synthesized from the best of psychology, business, philosophy, spirituality and finance, coaching benefits individuals who want to grow. Utilizing a coach is about seeking change. Coaches focus on the present and on what to do next. People in recovery utilize specially trained coaches to help identify and achieve goals while they develop a lifestyle free from mood-altering behaviors.

Why Does Coaching Work?

Synergy — Client and coach become a team, focused on the client’s goals and needs.
Structure — Clients take more action, think bigger and get the job done because the plan is well-thought-out and the coach provides accountability.
Expertise — Coaches know how to assist clients in making better decisions and setting goals that are attainable and aligned with their values.

Who Works with a Coach?

Anyone seeking self-knowledge, improvement, change and/or fulfillment.

What to Look for in a Coach

The right coach consistently brings out the best in you. Just as one would hire a basketball coach to improve their basketball game, one should seek a coach who has demonstrable success in the area in which the individual would like to grow. The right coach will:

  • Have a track record of helping individuals like you accomplish the goals you want
  • Help you think positively and be motivated to act
  • Keep up with and go ahead of you when it’s time to grow

How Does Coaching Work?

Coaching at ECRS is delivered by agreement through weekly sessions in person or by phone. Clients bring an agenda to the session. The coach helps solve problems and make the most of opportunities. When dealing with large goals, the coach helps design the project and provides the support and structure needed to make sure it gets done. Coaches bring out the client’s best by offering advice, expecting a lot, helping to strategize and celebrating wins.

Peer Support

In Peer Groups at East Coast Recovery Services, people meet with others in recovery and a Recovery Coach who monitors participants’ progress. In this process, the recovery coach may have specific topics for the group members to focus on while educating group members on recovery issues. During process groups each participant is responsible to share honestly with others the progress they are making in their recovery plans. Peers are also expected to give honest feedback to other group members.

How Do I Get Started?

If you think this type of relationship could work for you, please see our contact page and ask to talk with an ECRS coach. The next step will be to schedule a meeting where you get to know one another. During the initial meeting, the coach will want to hear about your needs, problems and goals. You will want to learn what the coach has to offer. At the end of this meeting, both you and the coach decide if it’s a match.

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